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Bye bye copy-paste!

Follow our EasyCatalog training courses to automatically create catalogues, product sheets and price lists. In combination with Adobe InDesign, the EasyCatalog plug-in from 65Bit is a powerful tool for quickly and efficiently formatting large amounts of information according to a fixed house style. This way you can react very quickly to price adjustments and product changes.

EasyCatalog is used worldwide by industry leaders in retail, FMCG and other sectors.
On our blog we discuss in detail all the benefits of EasyCatalog for database publishing.

What will you learn in these courses?

EasyCatalog Fundamentals

Little or no experience with EasyCatalog? In this day course we guide participants through the most common applications and basic functions. Together we build a first EasyCatalog configuration. After this training you can manage simple projects yourself.

The following topics will certainly be covered:

  • Insert Fields, Manage Errors, Update Documents
  • Simple tables
  • Product Styles
  • EasyCatalog libraries
  • Formatted tables
  • Data grouping
  • Pagination (introduction to Pagination Module)

EasyCatalog Advanced

Already have experience with EasyCatalog and ready to get EVERYTHING out of this power tool? In this day course we go as many steps further as necessary. Specific questions or complex challenges in an existing data publishing project? After this training you will certainly have a future-proof solution ready.

The exact topics in these courses are chosen in consultation with all participants. The following topics will certainly be covered:

  • Short summary advanced features ‘EasyCatalog Fundamentals’
  • Advanced options Pagination Module


Our courses are presented in Dutch and take place at your location on an agreed date of your choice.

Both ‘EasyCatalog Fundamentals’ and ‘EasyCatalog Advanced’ are full day courses.
If desired, ‘EasyCatalog Advanced’ can be split into 2 separate 1/2-day courses.

For the ‘EasyCatalog Fundamentals’ course, no specific prior knowledge is required.
For the ‘EasyCatalog Advanced’ course, knowledge of EasyCatalog or participation in ‘EasyCatalog Fundamentals’ is required.
Knowledge of Adobe InDesign is required for both courses.

Why choose Sirius Graphics?

Our graphic consultants have built up extensive experience with EasyCatalog. Every day we use EasyCatalog for automatic and personalized layout for our many customers. From a weekly advertising brochure with a few pages to an international catalog with hundreds of pages, in several language versions, in several variants.

Sirius Graphics is a recognized partner of 65Bit for the sale of EasyCatalog licenses, advice, support and EasyCatalog training. This for you and our customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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