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By far the most used layout program for folders and catalogs is Adobe InDesign. In combination with the EasyCatalog plug-in from 65Bit, InDesign becomes a powerful tool for the automated layout of folders and catalogs. Ideal for quickly and efficiently rolling out large amounts of information in your corporate identity.

Creating catalogs and folders manually is time consuming and therefore expensive. Moreover, the chance of errors is also very high. One wrong product photo or wrong price can give your sales and image a serious blow. An automated graphical workflow helps avoid errors and allows you to react very quickly to price adjustments and product changes.

Our solutions

Sirius Graphics helps you get maximum benefits from your EasyCatalog workflow:

  • Advice on database publishing with InDesign & EasyCatalog
  • Configuration or optimization of new or existing EasyCatalog workflows
  • Design and creation of your catalogues, product sheets, manuals, folders and even… packaging artworks
  • Sale of EasyCatalog licenses and upgrades
  • EasyCatalog training for yourself or your employees, from basics to advanced

Why EasyCatalog?

EasyCatalog is used worldwide by industry leaders in retail, FMCG and other sectors.
You can enjoy these benefits immediately after implementation by our experts:

  • Save time and costs with automated layout
  • Véry fast updating of prices and product information in your catalogues
  • Fewer mistakes, higher quality.
  • Personalization and segmentation based on your data
  • Local support and training by our EasyCatalog experts

On our blog we discuss in detail all benefits of EasyCatalog for database publishing.

Why Sirius Graphics?

Our graphic consultants have built up extensive experience with EasyCatalog. Every day we use EasyCatalog for automatic and personalized layout for our many customers. From a weekly advertising brochure with a few pages to an international catalog with hundreds of pages, in several language versions, in several variants.

Sirius Graphics is recognized partner of 65Bit for sale of EasyCatalog licenses, advice, support and EasyCatalog training. This for you and our customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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