On this page we tell you more about why we use cookies and how we process your personal information.

During your visit on this website, information is gathered to optimize your user experience. Information that also helps us to analyse and improve our website. In case you do not agree with our privacy policy, we advise you not to use our website.

Personal information

Which information is gathered trough our website?
When you fill out a form on our website, for instance by using our contact form, your data will be processed by us and considered as personal information. Your browser also shares anonymous data with us, e.g. your preferred language and broad geographical location.

Why is anonymous information gathered during your visit?
Anonymus information is gathered to improve your visit and our website. Our website contains information which is not available or applicable in each region or country. Your browser will therefore automatically show the applicable content, based on your location and preferred language. Trough analysis of our visitors and viewed pages we are able to further expand and optimize our website.

How long after my visit and by who is gathered information stored?
Anonymous information provided by your browser is stored in cookies and by third parties (see list below). This anonymous information is stored for an extended amount of time, enabling us to perform historical analysis of our website usage.
Any personal information you share trough webforms is stored and managed by us, trough e-mail and secure databases. Subscriptions on our newsletter can be managed by yourself, trough the link in the footer of each individual newsletter. Personal information and questions sent trough contact forms is stored and followed up by us in a secure CRM-system.

How is your information protected?
Our website uses a secure HTTPS connection with SSL-certificate. Each interaction between your computer and our server is as such unreadable by others. Personal information shared by you trough webforms is stored in secure databases. Your data is only accessible by a limited selection of our staff and password secured. Where technically possible multi-factor authentication is activated.


What are cookies?
Your browser automatically logs your visit and preferences when visiting a website. These data are then saved in a small file, called a cookie. On your next visit, that same website knows you been there before and can automatically recognize you and adjust itself to your preferences.

For which purpose do we use cookies?
On your first visit, your language preferences are automatically stored in a cookie. On your next visit you will than automatically be guided to your preferred language version. That’s handy!

Cookies are also used for following up on new and returning website visitors.

Which cookies are saved by external partners?
Our website mainly uses these external tracking cookies:

Google Analytics: used for analysis of visitors numbers and pages visited
Leadfeeder: used for analysis of referring organizations and pages visited
Facebook Pixel: used for website retargeting by Facebook
LinkedIn Insight tag: used for website retargeting by LinkedIn

What is website retargeting?
When you have a profile on Facebook or LinkedIn, these social media will track and log your visit on our website. At no point do we have acces to your profile or private data. Your visit is only presented to us as anonymus data. Anonymus data that enables us to manage and improve our own social media profiles.

How can I review or delete cookies?
Each browser enables you to delete or block cookies. How you do this depends on your browser. We are happy to share some tips for users of Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.