Benefits of EasyCatalog for database publishing

Creating catalogues, folders and price lists automatically has many advantages. One of the most popular and quality tools for this is EasyCatalog, an Adobe InDesign plug-in from developer 65Bit. EasyCatalog is used worldwide by industry leaders in retail, FMCG and other sectors. Our graphic consultants also choose EasyCatalog as the standard for automatic and personalized layout.

We are happy to list the many benefits of EasyCatalog for you:


Save time and costs

Perhaps the most obvious benefit. If a catalog or price list is compiled manually, weeks to sometimes months are needed to place all information correctly on the correct page. The manual input of information and many correction rounds are a time-consuming activity that should not be underestimated. Valuable time that is lost, so not very efficient.

Quickly update prices and product information

Economic realities are forcing companies and their suppliers to make regular price adjustments to stay competitive. Manually this takes several hours to days. An automated EasyCatalog workflow updates your entire catalog in minutes. Price information and product information are synchronized directly with your CRM, PIM or other database.

Fewer mistakes, higher quality

A well-developed automation process has a significantly smaller margin of error than a human. Especially if the latter has to perform a very repetitive task. Not only processing the information, but also performing revisions and checks is many times more reliable than in the case of a manual process.

Personalization and segmentation

Organizing product information correctly also has long-term benefits. Once your database is up and running, it doesn’t require a lot of extra work to create an alternative version of your catalog or price list with your data. In this way, different ranges can be highlighted for different target groups. This makes personalizing printed matter a lot easier. A variant of an existing catalog can also be drawn up much faster and with little effort, with new products or prices (consumer, reseller, …). Your target audience can be reached with the same budget but with a higher frequency.



Sirius Graphics as an experienced partner

Does an efficient graphics workflow sound like music to your ears? Our EasyCatalog specialists are ready to advise and support. We prepare your catalog, folder or price list in our graphic studio or provide advice and configuration of your workflow, tailor-made. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice, an EasyCatalog demo or a no-obligation quote.

As a recognized partner of 65Bit, developer of EasyCatalog, you can purchase EasyCatalog trough us. We are happy to support you with both new licenses and upgrades.