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Do you need graphic help? Sirius Graphics offers temporary or structural graphical support, both on your location or our graphic studio. Even a mix of both is perfectly possible.

Our experienced graphic designers and DTP-ers build and manage your offline communication. Both creative and technical and up into it’s smalst detail. For your next promotional campaign, new project or upcoming deadline. Or when you need an experienced partner to build your own graphical department.

For you?

Sirius Graphics successfully completed a large number of projects and assignments these past few years. For start-ups, SMB’s and multinationals. We offer graphic assistance to marketing-teams, creative agencies and communication-teams, retail companies, pharmaceutical companies, printing companies and many others. We would be happy to share our expertise with you as well.

Graphic interventions

The graphic intervention team at Sirius Graphics is on standby for you. Experienced DTP-ers and graphic designers offer flexible assistance, on call and on your location. From 1 day to permanent.

Desktop Publishing

Making sure your offline communication is perfectly aligned with your branding guide. Getting all your files print ready, typeset, go!

Graphic consultants

The graphical experts at Sirius Graphics provide practical advice tailored to match your needs. From workflow optimization to in- or outsourcing your graphic department.

Product packaging

Your products need great packaging that persuades to buy. We can create a uniform 'look & feel' of your packaging components. Disregard volumes, target audience and languages. For FMCG, drinks and food.

Pharma packaging

Sirius Graphics has over 15 years experience in artwork creation for pharmaceutical companies. That shows in our 'right first time' approach. From mock-up creation to approved artwork, from product launch to serialization project. All GMP and GDP compliant.

Catalogs & brochures

Your catalogs and brochures contain a vast amount of valuable information. Our specialists are able to build clear structures and visually attractive print-ready files. Manually or automated using EasyCatalog.

Yearly reports

We transform your organization's accomplishments and financial data into a visually attractive yearly report. Offer your clients and shareholders a structured and easy to read succes story.


Our specialists convert your packaging and displays to interactive 3D-designs. In this digital age Sirius Graphics makes your products virtually tangible.

Image editing & retouche

An image can say more than a thousand words. Sirius Graphics makes this happen trough image editing, optimization and colour correction for visual eye-cathers.

Been there.
Done that.

To successfully complete each assignment, we rely on the graphic experience of our team members. Experience gained trough regular workshops & training and a career in various companies, including the above.

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