Graphic experts: Outsource, insource or hybrid?

An unexpected peak in workload? A coworker from your graphic department temporarily unavailable due to pregnancy or illness? A lack of in-house expertise to solve a graphical challenge? If your answer to one of these questions is yes, you should take a look at what an external graphic partner could mean to you when it comes to insourcing and/or outsourcing certain tasks.

Working with an external graphic partner means instant access to a pool of extremely talented and immediately available graphic experts. The real expertise of a graphic partner starts where other organisations become desperate. All good, but why would you decide to engage with an external graphic partner?

Flexibility is key

Any organisation that is not flexible in 2018 is not built to last. Flexibility is not only a crucial element for (future) coworkers. Being agile and able to adapt to an ever changing environment is vital to stay alive in an ultra competitive market. This is where an external graphic partner comes into play and gives you that edge in comparison to direct competitors.

That flexibility doesn’t only apply to your organisation. The graphic partner itself should adapt a very agile way of working in order to provide a fitting and suitable answer to your questions. At Sirius Graphics we realise this by using a hybrid style of working. We are constantly looking for the perfect balance in between insourcing & outsourcing, depending on our customers wishes. If one of our customers wants to keep its own workflows & workstations, our graphic intervention team will provide one (or more) experienced and skilled coworkers at your location. If, on the other hand, our customer wishes to optimise its activities, our complete graphic team and state of the art prepress studio is at one’s disposal. A dedicated graphic team will take full and daily responsibility over the complete graphic process. All depending on the clients’ wishes.

Our graphic intervention team on wheels!
Our graphic intervention team on wheels!


Real talent becomes rare

Almost every organisation is competing in ‘the war for talent’. According to an article by Saleswise (in Dutch), the balance between vacant job postings and candidates is shifting compared to before. This means that smaller companies are having a harder time hiring and, most of all, keeping real talents in house. Toptalents more often choose to freelance. Those that remain will be approached by competitors sooner or later. This new balance forces companies to reinvent their hiring proces and look at the labour market in a different way. Therefore, in- and outsourcing options are turning into solutions more often. In the past, insourcing and sourcing was only applicable for IT-profiles, today we see an increasing demand for HR, Sales and graphical experts.

The risk of hiring the wrong person

Hiring people for temporary projects is the stuff of nightmares for certain companies and HR departments. The ideal candidate has to be immediately available, a perfect match with your company and an expert in the project that’s going to end up on his or her desk. A desk that has to be provided by the hiring company, same with certain other hardwares, softwares and trainings. A wrong recruitment can put the whole project at risk. On top of that, it can cost a lot of money, time and means that can and should be used for something else.

An external graphic partner with loads of experience and an extensive professional network will lower these risks. In addition, you will skip the extensive recruitment proces. By collaborating with a graphic partner you won’t only save time and money, you can also be sure that a fitting profile will fill in your vacant position.

Focus on Core Business

Not every organisation that is using print and offline communication considers these two as part of their core activities. This could also be a reason to engage in a collaboration with an external graphic partner. By completely outsourcing the graphic departement, a company can focus on its core tasks and be sure that all graphic work will be taken care of in a professional way. This also frees up time and means for the current coworkers to allow them to focus on what they do best.

Obviously, outsourcing entire graphic departments is a big step. Therefore most companies experiment with insourcing first, before they switch to outsourcing departments and services.

Sirius Graphics, your Hybrid partner in outsourcing and insourcing

Thanks to our agile way of working, Sirius Graphics can be of help by completing graphics tasks in your office or in our prepress studio. We also offer a hybrid form between outsourcing and insourcing, depending on our clients wishes. We will provide all necessary hard- and software, as well as expertise and experience. We will turn to our network of talented and experienced graphic artists and will find the perfect match for your company.

Your company needs a flexible graphic artist or DTP expert?
Looking for a partner to outsource or insource graphic tasks?

Contact us through or call +32 (0)477 49 51 32. We will provide experienced coworkers on your location or in our studio, as YOU please!