The 7 principles of Creative Fair Play

Since the day we started Sirius Graphics, our team is driven by a clear mission. We offer a structural added value to companies and freelancers in the creative economy. Each coöperation with our clients and creatives is based on 3 key values and a healthy share of Fair Play.

Team members and freelance creatives are never expected to work for free. Creativity is a process that requires time, education and skills. Most often also a big load of sweat and headaches. Good creative end results however, bring an added value to our clients’ communication campaigns. When performed right, creativity even holds the potential to inspire our entire society.

We therefore support and act upon the recently launched ‘Creative Fair Play‘ manifesto by Flanders DC and Creative Network.

Free does not excist
Play fair in competitions
Agree on intellectual property
Good agreements, good friends
Use reasonable time limits
Acknowledge the work of the maker
Give each other freedom